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Discounts of 40-55% are available on CDs, DVDs, and Books by Dr. Miller.

Please email ProductManager@DrMiller.com or call at 530-478-1807 for more information.

Distribution through Clinics and Offices of Health and Helping Professionals

Many professionals choose to buy quantities of Tapes, CDs or other products to make available to patients and clients.  We will be happy to supply you with catalogs for your waiting room, or if you wish, you may purchase programs at a substantial discount for distirbution or resale through your practice.  

To receive catalogs or to purchase programs at a 40-55% discount please email ProductManager@DrMiller.com or call 530-478-1807.  

Samples available for qualified professionals.

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We are currently considering a DrMiller.com Affiliate Program.  Please contact us at 530-478-1807 if you are interested.


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Best Sellers

Healing Journey
Meditative techniques to melt away stress whether you're anxious and overwhelmed by everyday life or trying to recover from a specific illness or chronic condition.
Letting Go Of Stress
No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world’s most popular stress management CD! Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences teach powerful techniques for melting away stress and its symptoms. The beautiful vocal performance, one of Dr. Miller’s best, is enhanced by an exquisite, specially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this one! You will be treated to four different specific relaxation and stress reduction techniques, including progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, muscle tension release, and creative visualization with everyone’s favorite—"A Trip to the Beach."
Easing Into Sleep
Fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Easing into sleep will help you to off mind-chatter, strengthen your spirit, and slip into the sleep you need to achieve your maximum potential of health and performance.
Deep Healing: Your Personal Wellness Suite (CDs)
Healing is derived from an Old English word that is also the root of whole, hale, and hearty. Deep Healing presents Dr. Miller’s original groundbreaking ideas about how to balance and heal mind, body, emotion, and spirit, and how to use Deep Relaxation and Guided Imagery to “program” your inner biocomputer to create balance, integrity, and peak performance.
Abolish Anxiety
Understand and treat all forms of anxiety, worry and panic. Abolish Anxiety is compatible with all medical, herbal and spiritual therapies.
Caregiver Support and Stress Management – Treating and Preventing Caregiver Burnout (MP3 Only)
Talk and meditation to inspire caregivers to value their health and their work followed by a deep relaxation/meditation and guided imagery experience for stress reduction and healing for the caregiver.
Change The Channel On Pain
The mind and its images has a profound effect upon the experience of pain. You can learn to shift your awareness and diminish the pain signals reaching your brain. This program offers two thoroughly relaxing and soothing experiences teach you to use two different techniques to tune out pain and tune in relief.