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I first met and attended Dr. Miller's classes/lectures in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1973-75 while completing my residency training in Internal Medicine. Being able to give a patient the "Healing Journey" and "Rainbow Butterfly" tapes was more rewarding to me than any prescription medications I had to prescribe at the time. The tapes brought so much healing, happiness and health to my patients overnight, that the next day they were clamoring for as "early-release as possible" from their hospital confines. Even then, Dr. Miller was "light years ahead" of us conventional doctors who were trained to attack diseases instead of healing the patient.

Leo M. Crowley MD MPH FACPM, Metroplex Specialties, Dallas, TX

TESTIMONIAL – Cancer Support, Meditation, Anxiety/Fear

I am using your 'Healing Journey' program in my work with cancer patients at the Kaiser Hospice, where I am employed as a nurse. Many of my co-workers would like this recording as well.

Your guided imagery audio programs are outstanding!

I am using them in my own meditation practices and the two tracks with music have a great calming effect on my anxious and fearful patients. Thank you!

Candace Evans, RN, MSW

TESTIMONIAL – Stress Management, Self Control, Relaxation

I believe that every client should be trained in self control and relaxation techniques as a necessary adjunct to therapy.

I highly recommend 'Letting Go of Stress' for that purpose. I have given copies to every client and suggested it to every clinician I have trained.

Francine Shapiro, Ph. D., Creator of EMDR

TESTIMONIAL – Sports/Athletics, Peak Performance

It is not often in this day and age that one gets the urge to write a complementary letter concerning a ‘product’. Actually, to call Dr. Miller’s CDs ‘products’ is indeed to mislabel them. They are learning tools of the highest order.

I have been using Dr. Miller’s products for the past 4 or 5 years, both personally and with the elite athletes with (whom) I work, and I have found them to be excellent. Not only is their quality, in my opinion, far superior to others on the market – the script is ideal.

It leaves the participant free to supply their own, unique style and mental creativity to the process… They have been an integral part of my sport psychology program with Canadian Olympic and International Athletes…

The ones I have found most useful in working with athletes, aside from those that are specifically written for that purpose, are 'Writing Your Own Script', which is particularly good in allowing the athlete to begin to see themselves acting in congruence with their expressed desires, and 'Rainbow Butterfly', which is a marvelous ‘on the way to the competition site’ companion.

Dr. Peter Jensen, Sport Psychologist, Canadian Center for High

TESTIMONIAL – Self-Esteem, Personal & Social Responsibility

Dr.Emmett Miller is the most amazing physician and visionary. He was one of the geniuses behind the Task Force To Promote Self esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility which changed the lives of many including my own.

His books are blue prints for well being.

He is a sought after keynote speaker at many of our conferences and events on transformation,integrative medicine and self esteem in the workplace.

Emmett is grounded and wise and always a voice of reason. He is an early pioneer of Mind-Body Medicine.

Thank you for the grace you have brought into our lives Emmett!

Jacqueline Miller, CEO at Partnerships For Change


Emmett is an extraordinary healer who listens deeply to and cares profoundly about his patients. He explores the deepest roots of illness by delving into the the psychospiritual as well as the physical aspects of who his patients are.

I recommend him as a physician healer without reservations

Len Saputo, Owner, Health Medicine Center

TESTIMONIAL – Healing Relationships, General Health & Well-Being

Emmett literally saved our marriage several times and helped us build a better and lasting relationship (50 years & counting...).

He has also helped us individually with personal issues affecting our health and well-being. He is truly a genius in the field of personal well-being and growth.

We highly recommend him and his products.

Dick Powell, Owner,

TESTIMONIAL – Pain Control (Headaches, Neck, Shoulders), Stress Management, Relaxation

We believe that relaxation techniques should be taught to all, especially to those who suffer from chronic or recurring pain. We are glad, therefore, that Dr. Miller offers his special comprehensive approach for dealing with common pain problems such as migraines.

His guided imagery audio program, Letting Go of Stress, has become an integral part of the University of Cincinnati Headache Center treatment program.

Patients have reported a decrease in the occurrence of head, neck, and shoulder pain and often patients report aborting or decreasing the severity of their attacks. This helps reduce the use of analgesic drugs.

Dr. Miller has made a valuable contribution towards pain control by utilizing his simple, straightforward methods involving his own special talents through beautifully-sounding CDs & MP3 Downloads.

Mary Dobrin & Robert Smith, MD, Dept. of Family Medicine, U. of Cincinnati

TESTIMONIAL – Professional Training

Training and working with Emmett Miller has been transformational for me personally, and has provided a powerful pathway for the evolution of my own work.

His love for humanity, passion for healing, intuitiveness, and mastery of language are all evident in his pioneering approach.

Darcy Lubbers, A.T.R., M.F.C.C., Author, Adult Art Psychothe

TESTIMONIAL – Lowering Blood Pressure

The mind-body connection is real. With Dr. Miller’s guidance my blood pressure fell from 168/100 to 139/84.

Reducing my stress and connecting the mental circuits was the key.

Paulette Pitner, Publisher, Evolving Times

TESTIMONIAL – Meditation, Stress Management

How very fortunate I feel to have discovered your beautiful work. It was my very first experience with meditation, and it saved my life.

I began using it as a tool when I taught stress management techniques in a dual diagnostic unit for patients with psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse.

I wish to thank you for your gift—from the bottom of my heart.

Lynn Marcotte, R.N., B.S.N., L.M.T.


Dr. Miller has a unique and effective way of communicating ageless wisdom and modern techniques.

The approaches he pioneered have made a powerful impact on the lives of leaders and others who want to bring their best to life.

Vic Conant, President, Nightengale-Conant Corp.


Dr. Emmett Miller is one of the most remarkable people I have known. He has that rare combination of extraordinary intellect and open heart. Not only is he a talented physician and psychotherapist, Dr. Miller has led a remarkable life.

A musician, an author, a community activist, a caring husband, and the father of gifted children. He has helped me through hard times. He has reaffirmed my faith in humanity.

John Callahan, Attorney

TESTIMONIAL – Successful Surgery and Recovery

My physician was critical when I insisted on taking my recording of Dr. Miller's Successful Surgery & Recovery and playing it as I rode down the hall on the gurney and into the operating room.

He changed his mind when he heard how impressed the anesthesiologist was with how relaxed, calm, and confident I was! ‘This is incredible,’ he said.

The surgery went fine and I’m certain it was as close to being a positive experience as having a breast removed can possibly be.

Margaret McGovern

TESTIMONIAL – Relaxation, Focus, Imagination

I’m not very good at just sitting and meditating. My mind wanders all over the place or else I fall asleep. But, with Dr. Miller’s Programs I’m able to relax, focus and use my imagination without difficulty.

Gloria Felsburg


Emmett Miller MD is a guided imagery pioneer, gifted healer, talented musician and a caring, compassionate psychiatrist without a trace of arrogance. He even has in-depth techie skils! And, though he takes his work very seriously, he never takes himself too seriously.

In sum, it's an honor to collaborate with him, share insights and experiences and learn from him...

Belleruth Naparstek, Founding Partner at HealthJourneys

TESTIMONIAL - Relaxation

I first met Emmett Miller through his guided imagery programs. Several friends had told me that his relaxation experiences were the best available. I ordered a couple and found they really did help me relax.

The sound quality and music alone put them head and shoulders above any other relaxation recordings I’ve listened to.

There is something about his voice that makes you want to curl up, put your thumb in your mouth, and rub a soft object against your cheek."

Tom Ferguson, MD, Publisher, Medical Self-Care Magazine

TESTIMONIAL – Stress Management & PTSD

Words cannot describe the level of effectiveness, stress relief, rest, and confidence Dr. Miller's Imagery CD's can provide. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which was exacerbated by a motor vehicle accident which extremely hindered my life because I commute.

My wonderful Psychologist introduced me to the Letting Go of Stress and what a relief! When Physicians were prescribing medications with side effects which I could not tolerate this CD became my saving grace! I would and do recommend Dr. Emmett Miller's Progams to everyone!

I cannot even begin express my deep appreciation for how the CD's have helped me! Thank you!

Elaine Baca

TESTIMONIAL – Stress Management & Peak Performance

Across the board from athletes training for major events, actors and actresses preparing for opening night, musicians, business people, administrators, educators, coaches, college students, chronic pain clients, to overstressed husbands and wives I have found Dr. Miller's recordings to be the foundation on which the success of all the other wellness options I utilize rest upon!

Dr. Miller's guided imagery CDs and MP3 downloads help people from all backgrounds learn how to harness stress energy and turn it into the fuel for optimal performance better than any other materials available in the country. I am very appreciative for having come into contact with Dr. Miller's healing programs and resource material.

My continued success with clients has been, to a large degree, based upon the concepts of Stress Fitness I have learned from Dr. Miller.

It is for these reasons that I give Dr. Miller's Guided Imagery Audio Programs and resource material my highest endorsement!

John G. Kulick, Northshore Naturobioholistic Health Center,

TESTIMONIAL – Deep Healing, Book

Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine (Book) is a gift of wisdom and transformation!

Thousands of people have experienced emotional healing through Dr. Miller's excellent audio programs. Now his deep humanity, wealth of clinical experience, and practical suggestions are available in this comprehensive written guide.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

TESTIMONIAL – Deep Healing Book

Deep Healing, The Essence of Mind Body Medicine is a must read for those just learning about alternative healing modes, and for those who wish a comprehensive understanding of the myriad possibilities evoked through a systematic understanding of body/mind phenomena.

I highly recommend it!

Francine Shapiro, Ph.D., Originator and Developer of EMDR

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Letting Go Of Stress
No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world’s most popular stress management CD! Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences teach powerful techniques for melting away stress and its symptoms. The beautiful vocal performance, one of Dr. Miller’s best, is enhanced by an exquisite, specially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this one! You will be treated to four different specific relaxation and stress reduction techniques, including progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, muscle tension release, and creative visualization with everyone’s favorite—"A Trip to the Beach."
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