Mind Tools 101

Thank you for your interest in exploring Mind-Tools – the various techniques you can use for enabling your mind to create balance, healing, peace, wellness, and peak performance in your body, mind, spirit, and soul. Below you will find brief introductions to each of the articles.

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Mind Tools

The Power Of Mind Tools

Modern medical science has proven the power of these mind tools to heal as well as prevent illness (Mind-Body Medicine). They have also been shown to empower behavior change, creativity, optimal performance, and success. They all quiet and focus the mind, then skillfully guide your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through a careful sequence of healing images and affirmations. This is why Dr. Miller calls them Software for the Mind.

Dr. Miller’s Discovery of Mind-Tools

In 1973, Dr. Miller created his first “Software for the Mind” recordings as tools to help relieve stress and its side effects.  He skillfully combined the most powerful tools and techniques of hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, prayer, and autogenic training and created a way for us to heal ourselves through following the guidance on his recordings.

As a young, idealistic physician, Dr. Miller was appalled at the degree to which medicine was failing to address the most important aspects of the human healing response. Stress can be a killer.  He saw that stress and its corrosive effect on the body cause illness and slow healing.  Through the release of hormones and cortisol, stress has a direct impact on all the organs of the body, including the brain and nervous system. He realized the key concept that would guide his future work : stress is the fundamental source of nearly all illnesses and suffering, it can express itself at the physical, emotional, and mental levels as well as in relationships.

He began to envision the human brain as a “biocomputer.” Our stressful reactions, anxiety, depression, bad habits, addictions, and impaired healing response are faulty “programs.” And, like any programmer, Dr. Miller realized that the true healing most of us need will not come from a bottle or a syringe. The true healing we seek must ultimately involve a change in these programs.  The following are the Mind-Tools Dr. Miller has co-created to assist in this change of programming.

Article 1: What is Guided Imagery?

Mind ToolsGuided Imagery is one of the most popular mind tools used in the holistic approach to Mind-Body healing. First studied and developed by Dr. Miller in his medical practice in the 1970s, it is the integration of mind-tools from numerous disciplines and arts. Guided imagery audio enables you to use your mind to make intentional changes in your health, your behavior, your relationships, and your performance – athletic, on the stage, at work, or in creative endeavors.

Guided imagery involves the use of Selective Awareness to carefully choose your thoughts, emotions, and the images they give rise to. Imagery is the language your mind speaks and it is the ideal tool for communicating with your mind and discovering what it is telling you. By wisely guiding your imagination gradually towards an accepting, focused state of awareness, you are able to communicate more directly to your neuro-endocrine, immune, and the other organ systems of the body.

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Article 2: About Meditation

Flow of Breath Technique ImageMeditation, used regularly over a period of weeks or months, has been shown to help lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve breathing, relieve stress, and decrease the stress-produced chemicals (e.g., cortisol) in the body and brain. Anxiety and stress are counteracted and a generalized feeling of well-being is attained, along with a sense of  deep spiritual attunement.

Originally developed thousands of years ago as part of wisdom teachings and religious practices, the meditative tools we now use require no religious affiliation or belief – although those with a particular spiritual path always find this non-denominational meditation supportive of their faith. Dr. Miller has adapted the most powerful aspects of meditation into a highly effective technique that does not require the usual months of daily practice and integrated them with guided imagery, cognitive restructuring, and other mind tools in the context of his medical, psychological, and coaching practice.

Meditation can be an important part of a wise strategy to manage stress and anxiety, combat phobias and obsessive thoughts, relieve depressive feelings, improve concentration, overcome addictions, eliminate insomnia, prevent panic attacks, etc…  Be your own power source for self-motivation and peak performance!

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Article 3: Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis involves focused concentration and autosuggestion to create one of a number of different altered states of consciousness. For the purposes of self-healing and personal growth, we aim for a very specific state of consciousness, one of serenity, acceptance, and exquisite presence — what Dr. Miller refers to as the “Healing State.”

Gaining access to the powerful tools of self-hypnosis involves first, self-inducing (by means of memorized or recorded suggestions) a relaxed, receptive, trusting, open state of consciousness. Next, you learn to guide your thoughts and images in carefully chosen ways – new mental scripts designed to help your mind and body function in harmony with your health and life goals. Self-hypnosis provides a powerful way to enable yourself to induce profound change, healing and positive growth in yourself.

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Article 3: Deep Relaxation to Reduce stress

Deep Relaxation is a time-honored tool that has proven to be excellent for managing stress. Through learning how to relax deeply into what Dr. Miller calls “The Healing State,” you discover that the intensity of your stressful reactions fades and vanishes; you become calm, centered, present, and grounded. You return to balance more quickly after stressful events, thus avoiding the build-up of toxic hormones and  preventing stress-related disease and dysfunction.

By utilizing deep relaxation wisely you are much better able to respond to life’s challenges without excess tension or stress. Deep relaxation is one of the prime ingredients of meditation, contemplation, prayer, self-hypnosis, and most self-healing approaches.

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Article 4: What Is Software For The Mind?

Sofware for the Mind LogoAs a mathematician, Dr. Miller was trained in computer programming in 1962. Later, as a physician, his observations of the human system revealed to him that the computer was an excellent model for understanding the way mind and body interrelate with each other. Certainly, he thought, anyone, or any intelligence capable of designing such an intricate and fantastically powerful biocomputer of such incredible intricacy and potential would certainly have made sure it was capable of analyzing itself, correcting errors, and updating software as necessary…right?

Dr. Miller set out to discover how to create a set of programs that would enable the mind to heal itself and the body. The result was the system he called Software for the Mind – a theoretical and practical system for understanding, diagnosing, and repairing patterns of thinking that underlie the majority of our illnesses and dysfunctions at the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, behavioral and social levels of system. In the form of artistically recorded experiential poetry, these mind tools are guides for using deeply relaxed states of consciousness and autosuggestion for creating health and peak performance at every level.

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