Christmas & Holiday Gift Ideas and Discounts

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Stress Management Kit – Silver
Listening to this master healer and guide, you will learn how to free yourself from the clutches of stress, and harness its energy to serve you, to create peak performance. You’ll learn the neural science of how to rewire your brain, heal and balance your emotions, program your mind to think clearly, get rid of unwanted behavior patterns, and create effective and loving relationships that are successful.
Health Care Professional Kit – Gold
If you are a trained mental health professional, or layperson, you’ll immediately see how these tools can be used. If you are a professional hypnotherapist, you will discover levels and powers of these tools you didn’t know existed.
Health Care Professional Kit – Silver
Learn the fundamental principles of deep healing and their application to mind-body approaches such as deep relaxation, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation, affirmation, autosuggestion, and peak performance programming.
Confronting Cancer Support Kit – Gold
Learn the powerful therapeutic approaches used at Dr. Miller’s Cancer Support And Education Center, the first cancer support group training program, and only the second cancer support center in the world. These historic videos were filmed and produced by Dr. Miller and featuring Maggie Creighton, co-founder of the Center.
Confronting Cancer Support Kit – Silver
(2DVDs & Manual) Experience the enormous power of the 9 training sessions offered at the Cancer Center, taught by none other than Maggie Creighton herself.

Best Sellers

Healing From Cancer
Its goal is to empower you to recall the power of your mind and body to heal.
Hope, Faith, and Transformation: Guided Imagery for Healing
Four powerful guided-imagery processes with original music specifically to support healing, activate hope, and promote thriving.
Optimizing Radiation Therapy
Optimizing Radiation is designed to help enable you to maximize your use of your mind to support and facilitate healing of your body, while providing healthful emotional support and balance. Your goals are to maximize your body’s ability to maintain its balance and health while removing any possible internal barriers that might inhibit your treatment from being maximally powerful.